Tool Life Monitoring


DataRealm's tool life monitor, known as ToolMon, can increase productivity and reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime. With ToolMon, production technicians, engineers, managers and operators have convenient up-to-the-minute status reports on tool life productivity. Being web-based, restrictions that limit access are eliminated. Any computer, in-plant or off-site, with access to a plant's intranet can connect to ToolMon.

A unique visual aid, ToolMon presents detailed operational data collected from tool as they operate, including critical measurements such as life time remaining. Uncertainty and guesswork are no longer an issue. With detailed data on each tool, operators can accurately schedule tool replacement and effectively plan repair and maintenance. Productivity is no longer disrupted by surprise downtime or compromised by quality fall-off. Data, collected continually from each machine, forms a formidable base of historic reports providing the reliable and comprehensive statistics on tool changes, tool life and tool breakages needed for problem analysis and machine productivity comparisons. Such information also helps operators reduce tool breakage.

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