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DataRealm Is An Inductive Automation Integrator

As an appointed integrator, staff members at DataRealm are trained in Inductive Automation’s software for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Software. This gives DataRealm’s customers another option to achieve their goals of implementing the most advanced plant floor data acquisition and control systems. This includes Ignition by Inductive Automation, the industry's first top-to-bottom cross platform SCADA system based on OPC –UA, a new standard created to provide a common specification allowing different brands of automation and control devices to interconnect and share data.

DataRealm is a Psion Value-Added Reseller

Psion is a global provider of solutions for mobile computing and wireless data collection. The company’s fully integrated mobile computing solutions include rugged hardware, secure wireless networks, robust software, professional services and exceptional support programs. With over three decades of industry experience, Psion Teklogix has customers in more than 80 countries around the world, and over 36 sales and support offices in 17 countries.

DataRealm Integrates Advanced Manufacturing Execution Systems

World Class manufacturing companies are achieving significant and sustainable gains in performance, quality and compliance using Shopfloor-Online, developed by Lighthouse Systems. This comprehensive, web-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides a complete and real-time view of all aspects of production management and is particularly valued for facilitating empowered decision making at all levels. The result, leaner, more consistent business process execution which yields instant visibility to all aspects of performance, exceptions handling and plant floor issues.

DataRealm is a member of Nexas Networks

This innovative organization integrates Information Technology on the factory floor. Collectively the group offers expertise in popular
OEM brands, including Fanuc, Yasnac and Mitsubishi, and provides such services as CNC machine tool control connectivity, memory, machine monitoring, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), DNC & many other unique optimization options. Nexas offers the ORiON(tm) real-time machine monitoring solution complete with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Its team helps leading manufacturers compete in today's challenging climate and can integrate MTConnect XML web-based connectivity on all machines. Its principals have been actively involved in the creation of MT Connect standards for over 10 years. Nexas - many companies operating as one - to serve you better.


DataRealm and scanenergi solutions, formerly Danfoss Solutions, Help Reduce Energy Costs, Increase Efficiency

Scanenergi Solutions is a global power trading and energy management company with a specialization in energy optimization. Its energy management and analysis software is helping a wide variety of large energy and utility users operating complex production processes to cut both energy costs and achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions. It is proven technology installed at companies throughout the world.

Matthews Marking Products 

Matthews Marking is a leader in the provision of custom and standard industrial marking solutions for applications in a wide range of industries - from packaging and plastics, to construction and metal. It marks everything from television cables to the expiration date on milk cartons and responds to the most challenging applications; including security and anti-counterfeit marking in pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, bar coding packaged products, paper rolls, and shipping cartons; printing lot codes and expiry dates on packaged foods, among others.

DataRealm Partners with Seqent, the Leader in In-plant Visualization

With its technical partnership with Seqent, DataRealm has the expertise and product range to develop cost-effective, automated solutions to send real-time text/voice messages to key operations personnel through such vehicles as LED/Andon display boards, pagers, mobile phones and personal assistants the moment a tolerance is breached or a fault occurs.

Production Information As It Actually Happens

With its partnership with B2D, DataRealm has the expertise to develop performance management solutions that automatically identifies opportunities and executes business processes to generate improvement in throughput, inventory, quality and capital efficiency. B2D solutions have been proven effective in medical, automotive, auto parts and other manufacturing sectors.

DataRealm Works with Acknowledged Industry Leaders

In the arena of plant automation, DataRealm is fully conversant with such technologies as Rockwell Automtation's RSSQL and upgrade technologies. Such applications give production staff the ability to share factory resources, access information across an enterprise and track global system changes.

DataRealm is fully trained in the most advanced Business Intelligence Solutions

DataRealm's staff have specific training in the full Activplant suite which addresses business intelligence solutions including all the components of manufacturing performance management - from actual to plan comparison and other measuring and monitoring, to downtime or quality reporting and analysis.

A Depth of Controls Expertise

DataRealm has built expertise in a wide range of controls engineering including a depth of on-hands experience with Phoenix Contact, a worldwide leader in Industrial Automation solutions. The breadth of DataRealm's experience makes it an ideal solutions provider no matter what technology is employed.
Our Partners