IMTS Showcase for DataRealm Traceability Solutions

DataRealm will participate in one of the world’s largest manufacturing events, the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2010) slated for Chicago’s McCormick Place, Monday to Saturday, September 13-18. A highlight of DataRealm’s booth, East Building 4945 (the show is so big it takes up four buildings) will be traceability with a focus on DataRealm’s considerable expertise in traceability solutions. In printed literature, available at the show, it reviews the top ten things you can do with traceability, which consist of the following.

10. Track Without Automation
DataRealm’s solution in a plant in which parts arrive in bins and are randomly processed was to collect data using handheld WIN CE wireless scanners, capturing barcodes at production stages to continuously update a centralized database.

9. Track With Automation
For highly automated, parallel manufacturing processes, with virtually no human contact, DataRealm added a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to each part. Serial number, part type, component list and a list of stations each part passes through as well as historical data from test and run-down stations and current status is collected at “Read Points” and sent to a server.

8. Capture Detailed Data
Meet the demands for full part histories to ensure detected problems are easy-to-pinpoint and remedy. For example, handheld barcode scanners, placed at each operation/machine, captures operator, fixture identification and part serial numbers. On demand web-based reports provide tabular data using such techniques as colour-coded test results based on pass and fail verdicts.

7. Achieve Instant Full-Plant Visibility
With web-based systems you can monitor reports of where parts are while they’re in production, without even being in the plant.

6. Name Names
A DataRealm traceability system documents when and where each part is processed and by which operator, by name if needed.

5. Ensure Accurate Quarantines
Suspected and defective parts are easy to locate and prevent from further processing or leaving the building. Web-based allows users to enter quarantine parameters for suspect parts, communicating back to “read points” about which parts should be quarantined. Each point becomes a “quality gate.”

4. Track Anything With 100% Accuracy
Virtually everything can be tracked using the appropriate marking technology. Choices include classic or 2D or 3D barcodes. Matched with the appropriate readers, 100% accuracy is attainable. IN other cases, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are best. And, there are other options. Ask us.

3. Instantly Verify Operations
Sequence checks can be used to confirm completion of previous operations. Successful checks can be added to build records containing transaction time stamp, serial number, machine info, fixture and operator identification. Users can log-in and view, sort, add, change, remove or export and build records and add, remove, or modify quarantines.

2. Keep Permanent Visual Records
When more than data is needed, vision systems can capture, record and store results completed by in-line test stations - a picture is worth a thousand words. Test data can be tracked - including camera images - and the progression of parts from station-to-station can be controlled based on test data. Web-based reporting allows for reviews of the number of times a part is tested, the results and images of the part prior to shipping.

1. Sequence Production
Touch screen, or other human machine interfaces can allow operators to setup machine sequencing, mapping or add/remove fixture identification.
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