Diversity of Assignments Focus of Letter

(Windsor, ON - June 21, 2010) In a letter to DataRealm contacts, issued this week, Jeff Abbott, company Vice President, Sales, provided an overview of recent assignments. In the letter, he noted that the diverse range of projects shows how customers are capitalizing on DataRealm’s skills in controls engineering, production intelligence and application development.

Abbott revealed that over the past few months, DataRealm has been called on to:
- Conduct a workflow analysis at a major cement plant to identify efficiencies and streamline operations with a goal of reducing paper flow,
- Develop manifest system procedures and shipping procedures for a major auto parts supplier,
- Fix the underlying logic that was preventing a new Factory Information System (not installed by DataRealm) from functioning,
- Develop a solution to shave seconds off of takt time in a components plant by reducing time required for traceability,
- Create a solution to track the assets of a food and beverage company,
- Design a production monitoring system for a food and beverage company.

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