DataRealm Adds Matthews Marking Products to Value-added Services

(Windsor, ON - June 16, 2010) Manufacturing IT Systems Integration and Controls Engineering firm DataRealm Inc. ( has added Matthews Marking Products ( to the value-added services it offers clients in the automotive, heavy equipment, food and beverage and durable goods industries.

Matthews Marking is a global division of Matthews International and specializes in both custom and standard industrial marking products and solutions for a wide range of industries and products, from packaging to plastics, to construction and metal. The company’s products include those designed specifically for use in industrial applications such as automotive. In these applications there is a need for durable marking equipment able to deliver high quality marking.

“In our projects developing controls and systems integration solutions for high volume production plants across North America we are often called on to provide marking solutions as part of traceability and productivity programs within these plants. Our association with Matthews gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of tested and highly durable products, even those for difficult applications, from a global leader,” says Dave Fortin, President, DataRealm.

About Matthews Marking Products

For more information on the complete range of Matthews Marking Products, contact Stephanie Zahringer, Matthews Marking Products, 6515 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Telephone (412) 665-2504, fax (412) 365-2042, Matthews Marking Products is a division of the Brand Solutions group of Matthews International Corporation.

About DataRealm

DataRealm has developed engineering and application development skills in data-centric systems integration and controls engineering for some of the world’s largest manufacturers. Its capabilities have facilitated development of considerable expertise in production intelligence. Its DataRealm software unit is active in the development of software applications, such as Digital Warehouse a physical asset location, tracking and management system.

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