DataRealm Featured in Voice

DataRealm is featured in the Summer 2015 edition of "The Voice of Ontario’s Engineers" in the publication’s "Employer Spotlight."

The report covers the company’s history and its continuing need for qualified engineers to meet the challenges of its growing client base. Here is the complete report.


Fourteen years ago, Windsor-based Dave Fortin started DataRealm, an international industrial engineering company, with not much more than faith in his dreams and abilities. Today, this electrical engineer and MBA graduate has a company with more than 30 full-time professionals and contract employees to meet the company’s growing demand for services. He says finding people with the right skills and attitudes is critical to keeping pace with increasingly complex projects revolving around controls engineering and systems integration.

“I hire for abilities, skills and people’s potential to contribute to the business,” Fortin says. It was his hiring needs that brought him to OSPE’s E3 event. “I liked the focus on engineering and engineers at the E3. Other job fairs I’ve attended have been too broad to allow me to really assess candidates’ skills. The best part was that this particular E3 was held here in Windsor, close to home.”

DataRealm is a leader in the automation software and controls business. Initially it served manufacturers primarily in the automotive sector. However, successful diversification efforts have helped it establish a growing presence serving both manufacturers in other sectors and processors such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

Technical staff – either engineers, computer science graduates or highly trained technicians – design and program electrical control systems for production machines. They also design and supervise the implementation of automated components for assembly lines and other high-tech production systems, including robotics.

The company also implements solutions that collect and compile information from production control systems and sensors on the production floors of clients’ facilities. Data gathered instantly from the production floor is turned into reports on machine status, activity and overall equipment effectiveness.

“This is the work of electrical engineers, software developers and others with similar skills,” Fortin says.

“We have an ongoing need for people with this kind of talent, training and experience. We hired two new employees at the last E3 event in Windsor. We found a number of candidates with the potential we need who are willing to grow with our organization. We expect to have additional management positions in the near future to match the expanding demand for our services throughout the area governed by the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

Professional development is another OSPE offering that is a key interest of DataRealm. The company is planning to host an OSPE onsite project management training course for its engineering staff.

“It’s fantastic that the training is coming right to us,” says Fortin. “It makes the process very convenient and cost-effective.”


Founded in 2001 and now headquartered in the historic Walkerville district of Windsor, Ontario, the company’s considerable growth has prompted a U.S. subsidiary. Its next expansion is focused on locating, incorporating and having engineering staff in Mexico.

The company executes complex productivity solutions using its advanced plant-level engineering and systems integration expertise. With strength in design, engineering, integration deployment and support, it has built an international reputation for exceeding expectations on demanding projects at some of the world’s largest manufacturing plants.

DataRealm helps its growing list of prestigious clients solve complex operational issues by developing solutions to improve output and operational efficiency. Its variety of services range from technology upgrades and the full implementation of new automated and semi-automated production systems to developing plant-floor links to clients’ management software applications and providing full electronic views of all aspects of a plant’s operation. DataRealm has built a depth of experience in the most popular device brands and trusted manufacturing software systems.
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