DataRealm offers Cloud Computing Interface

(Windsor, ON – January 27, 2011) DataRealm has been appointed a reseller of advanced software used to create intelligent business-user interfaces, industrial automation and real-time dashboards developed by Tatsoft. The agreement, which enhances DataRealm’s ability to offer its clients a wider range of unique applications and software options, takes the company into the realm of cloud engineering services. Cloud computing allows a wider range of applications that are not limited by a single computer or data communications platform.

“With Tatsoft, we can offer a diversified portfolio of solutions allowing our customers to gain increased immediacy in the information they have on their operations. Tatsoft has proven the value of its solutions in a wide range of industrial applications and has a particular competence in interfacing Microsoft .NET applications with manufacturing operations, real-time data management systems, data acquisition, communication protocols and rich user interfaces.

"With their leadership and our expertise in controls engineering and systems integration we can bring the advanced solutions that are now being sought by leading companies in a number of manufacturing verticals, from the auto industry to aerospace and beyond,” says Dave Fortin, DataRealm’s President.

“Our goal in creating FactoryStudio was based on our realization that both the needs of business and the technologies available are changing. Business models that did not exist a decade ago have now become a priority. Continuous growth in computing power and new graphical environments have changed the way users interact with applications and have molded their expectations. For us, as a company supplying user interface tools, we know that we have a dual mission, on one hand we need to aggregate all the technological developments and new features while on the other hand we must simplify and optimize our solutions for ease-of-use,” says Marcos Taccolini, Tatsoft’s Chief Executive Officer.

Tatsoft is a leading developer of cloud engineering services. “We are most impressed with FactoryStudio. This state-of-the-art platform is not only effective but practical for creating real-time graphical interfaces, human machine interface (HMI) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, dynamic dashboards and business process management applications,” explains Fortin.

Tatsoft brings advanced technology to each of its projects. The internal architecture of its FactoryStudio was written in managed code - there is no legacy code - and captures the benefits, flexibility, scalability and power of Microsoft .NET Framework.

About DataRealm

DataRealm is a leading software integration and controls engineering firm. Its clients include high-volume manufacturers in a variety of industries located throughout North America.

About Tatsoft

Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio has been designed from the ground up to provide engineers with reliable, scalable, secure and efficient capabilities to design, test, build, reconfigure and monitor physical systems. With it, applications can be developed, tested and implemented faster, with complete creative control for the engineering team and timely information delivery to all levels of an organization.

FactoryStudio represents the third generation of HMI/SCADA software built by Tatsoft. Previous generations of software built by its team are in place in some of the world’s leading producers of automated equipment, manufacturers, utilities, and other users of automated systems.

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