DataRealm Wins Assignment for Textile Manufacturer

(Windsor, ON - January 18, 2011) A manufacturer of products, such as nylon, for a variety of industrial and related applications was collecting a considerable amount of detail from its highly modernized plant. Its challenge was pulling useful and time critical information from an accumulating database of production statistics.

For the assignment, DataRealm prepared a reporting strategy that now allows operations managers to extract key information to give them an ongoing and accurate view of production. The reporting structure provides exact and comparable information on such factors as process efficiency and quality control. With the reports, key variables can now be monitored as required, enhancing the plant’s ability to clearly understand the operating efficiency of each stage in the product manufacturing process.

DataRealm was selected for the task based on the depth of its knowledge of production data gathering and reporting, allowing it to develop and implement a solution at a very rapid pace. Its “how to do” expertise for such tasks has been honed on a number of similar and equally challenging assignments at production plants throughout North America.

“Because of our depth of experience, we can not only solve plant information challenges quickly we also provide our clients with the assurance that the information they will have access to in their reports is the most accurate and timely data available. In today’s complex world of production, quick and accurate data are key ingredients of success and that is where we have positioned our services as both a controls engineering and system integration organization,” notes Dave Fortin, DataRealm president.

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DataRealm is a leading software integration and controls engineering firm. Its clients include high-volume manufacturers in a variety of industries located throughout North America.

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