DataRealm to Market Danfoss Solutions’ Comprehensive Utility Management System

(September 28, 2010) DataRealm will offer its customers a software tool for optimizing energy use, reducing waste and cutting costs known as Montage, developed by Danfoss Solutions. Although the software is used in large production facilities, typically with high utility use, it is also becoming a preferred option for producers in a number of industries concerned about their carbon footprints.

“What impressed us most about Montage is that it is a true management over-layer and not simply a data capture tool. As a comprehensive analysis system, it provides management with full access to real, live information to guide them in the steps they can take to improve utility use. Unlike other data capture systems that focus on electricity, Montage can be applied to managing all utilities: gas, electricity, steam, water, compressed air, etc.,” says DataRealm President Dave Fortin.

While DataRealm has successfully integrated utility data capture systems, Fortin says that Montage takes it to the next level in utility cost containment and use management.

“What we see in Montage is a fully-robust system combining the features and functions of spreadsheets and databases that provides the data necessary for detailed analysis of utility use and which is ideally-suited to cost and waste reduction programs, energy monitoring and targeting, billing and cost allocation, and emissions management and tracking,” adds Fortin.

The tool, explains Fortin, allows companies to dynamically manage utility consumption with realistic performance measurement and to achieve the reductions in costs and emissions that are so valued by large utility users.
“Given the success that very large utility users have had with Montage over the past 15 years, we believe that it will be a very attractive option for companies across North America serving a variety of industries, including automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, and discrete processing production facilities, and more. Montage is also positioned as a high-value product with extensive capabilities that go well beyond the monitoring tools that are available today.”

About DataRealm

DataRealm is a leading software integration and controls engineering firm. Its clients include high-volume manufacturers in a variety of industries located throughout North America.

About Danfoss Solutions

Danfoss Solutions is a business unit within the Danfoss Group, a global technology company with a large energy and manufacturing footprint in North America. Its unique services include providing large retailers with 24-hour monitoring of their refrigeration systems. At a variety of sites it is helping large utility users cut both energy costs and achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

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