Powerful Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Introduced for Production Laboratories

(Windsor, ON - September 7, 2010) DataRealm Inc. has introduced an advanced web-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), developed by its software unit, that it says is setting a new standard in powerful yet economical LIMS technology.

DataRealm’s booth at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show 2010 features its expertise in traceability. It believes this is an ideal venue to launch its latest advanced LIMS, known as DW LIMS.

“More and more, industrial labs are becoming part of a company’s traceability initiatives with the tracking and recording of critical aspects of production also a key ingredient in quality management and continuous improvement. It is also an important aspect of the intellectual property that companies produce, on a daily basis, that gives them the ability to maintain their competitive edge,” explains Dave Fortin, President, DataRealm.

He adds, that “There are a number of features of DW LIMS that are ideally-suited for production environments. It is web-based, so it is both easy-to-implement and operate - with interfaces that can be quickly configured to match a labals formats – and it can be accessed from anywhere by anyone with intranet access.”

To accompany DW LIMS, DataRealm has also released DW Inform, a powerful Microsoft Excel add-in allowing DW LIMS users to integrate LIMS data into their spreadsheets as an extension of their LIMS reporting.

Interoperability with other systems is also a highlight feature of DW LIMS. It is designed to integrate and work with various other applications common in an production operation.

“This can include a variety of operational systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and even process control systems,” notes Fortin.

DW LIMS is a product of DataRealm Software, an operating unit of DataRealm. The product has its own website:

About DataRealm

DataRealm is a leading software integration and controls engineering firm. Its clients include high-volume manufacturers in various markets including automotive, heavy equipment and pharmaceutical.

Its DataRealm Software unit is active in the development of software applications such as Digital Warehouse item tracking and data management system and DW LIMS an economical yet powerful laboratory information management system. With these applications, DataRealm has gained a presence in municipal and laboratory markets, expanding the sectors it serves and further enhancing its reputation as a leader in its industry.
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