Plant Floor Intelligence Lowers Manufacturing Costs

Many of the methods Heavy Equipment manufacturers can use to reduce production costs actually exist within their operations. The challenge is to use operational intelligence to extract production data in a way that turns this raw data into nformational guidance to increase production efficiencies. In one plant, burdened by continual line stoppages, DataRealm solved a number of production problems by installing a data acquisition system coupled with a traceability system. Now managers have the frontline information on what causes production disruptions which means they are better equipped to take informed remedial action. The result, uptime is improved, takt time is reduced. Collectively this fosters a greater capitalization of production resources and lower cost per unit of output. This kind of innovation is the foundation of a DataRealm solution that draws on its operational intelligence expertise and its ability to bring the efficiencies and operational changes to prepare heavy equipment plants for the impact of global competition in their home markets.
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