Meet Market Demand by Adding Greater Production Flexibility

The days of turning on the tap and running single product production lines almost indefinitely are for the large part history. Today, food and beverage manufacturers must deal with a fickle public looking for considerable packaging variety and equal vagaries in commodity pricing. To meet these demands, the industry is revising its production strategies and incorporating flexible manufacturing able to produce the same product with varying menus and adding new twists in flavor and substance. With greater product variety, there is the added need to expand product monitoring and tracking, ensuring traceability is reliable and effective. In fact traceability has become not a feature but a requirement of production. Food and beverage companies are looking for precisely the range of solutions and expertise in operational intelligence that DataRealm has honed over its past decade of developing productivity enhancements for some of the world's largest production plants. Its expertise is based on a solid foundation of controls engineering and production IT systems integration and its staff is populated with both credentialed computer science and electrical engineering professionals with first-hand experience in marrying today's critical data-centric applications with today's most advanced production floor technologies.
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