Production Flexibility to Meet Ever Changing Consumer Needs

In today's modern age of durable products, choice is king. Manufacturers, to distinguish themselves in a crowded market, must increase product options and reduce production runs to accommodate variety. To move further ahead they need equally flexible production, able to turn on a dime aligned precisely with market demands. Doing this requires considerable variability in production lines along with the need to keep track of increasing product variety.This is where DataRealm enters the picture with a solutions approach backed by a depth of expertise in operational intelligence based on rock-solid credentials in controls engineering and manufacturing systems integration.An important consideration is that much of what exists in a durable goods plant can be integrated into a highly adaptive real-time operational intelligence system. With full plant transparency, plant operators will be able to understand where current production lines break down by being able to zero in on the zones which slow productivity.The task is further complicated by the need to upgrade their traceability capabilities to provide the documentation that is required in more flexible production line while seamlessly connecting this information to MRP and MES and related systems. In the end, the goal is to achieve a highly flexible yet highly controlled production machine.
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