Productivity Increases for Every Zone Along the Line

Intense competition and variable market demand has added considerable complexity to auto production. As automakers face the daunting challenge of reducing production costs, they find themselves dealing with continual technological change, particularly the expansion of onboard electronics in each vehicle produced. Using its plant floor skills, DataRealm offers practical solutions to lower costs, decrease takt time, gain unparalleled plant visibility and deal with the complexity of each vehicle. Technology brings new demands for greater production line flexibility and greater links with critical suppliers to ensure that what is produced meets the market demands of each vehicle segment.  It is not an easy industry to be in, unless manufacturers can find a partner knowledgeable in the complexities they face. That is where DataRealm and its solutions play a leading role as a valued productivity enhancing partner by helping increase frontline operational intelligence so that management has real-time production information along with a depth of data to effectively analyze each aspect of production while at the same time heightening traceability of every major part and even sub-components. Helping automakers achieve unprecedented levels of transparency a role ideally-suited to DataRealm's expertise and experience allowing it to deliver the truly interconnected plant, a platform to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry, without adding prohibitive costs. DataRealm has the competency to make a very real difference. And, as an independent consultancy, it is not tied to any packaged solution so it can offer and implement only what works best.
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