Case Studies

Integrate All Plant Floor Devices


All production data presented in a common format.


Circumvent device differences with a plant floor data acquisition system.


Design and install a plant-wide factory information system to collect data instantly from PLCs, HMI's, meters, CNC, barcode, RFID scanners and more.


Managers have real-time operational data to better coordinate resources, run the plant more efficiently and advance continuous improvement efforts.

As the sharing of plant information becomes increasingly critical to effective operations more and more manufacturers are turning to DataRealm for highly robust manufacturing business intelligence (MBI) systems. The company's most recent assignment draws on its systems integration skills in the design and installation of a plant wide factory information system (FIS) at a large transmission production plant operated by a major automaker.

Key to the assignment is creating a plant floor data acquisition system to circumvent the various differences in devices in a way that delivers information in a common format to management.

There are multiple values to factory information systems or plant operating systems as they are also known. One of the most important is the impact that data collected from the plant floor can have in reducing downtime and increasing production efficiencies.

Managers with access to comprehensive metrics to analyze each plant's productivity, costs, quality, predictive maintenance and more often can gain a competitive advantage. This is also a key benefit to senior operational executives in companies with a number of plants producing the same products. Factory information systems can provide them with a continually updated, comprehensive and precise window on operations at each plant. Such information is valued for forecasting and to compare the output of each operation to others in a group.

In the case of the transmission plant project, DataRealm will implement a system in which information collected from the plant's complex interconnected network of production stations will provide a wealth of reports. These include machine states, number of parts produced, machine bottlenecks, traceability, quality, fault summaries, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and predictive maintenance.

In the past the complexity of a variety of devices each with their own methods of communicating often limited the ability to gather information on a timely basis. Using its skills in systems integration, DataRealm is able to implement systems in which information flows freely and instantly from a variety of devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMI), meters, computer numeric control (CNC), barcode and radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners and more.

With timely feedback from these devices, plant managers are better able to coordinate and run their facilities. Plants adhering to Six Sigma also have the information needed for the analysis of overall equipment effectiveness and other parameters.

DataRealm has extensive experience in the development, deployment and upgrading of factory information systems. In many cases its assignments have often included defining new reporting standards, particularly for its larger clients.

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