Case Studies

Fix Non-Performing FIS System


Gain the benefits of new technology.


Non-functioning newly installed Factory Information System.


Determine issues, uncover foundation logic problems, train users.


With logic issues resolved and training in place the new system is now fully functional.

When DataRealm's engineers arrived at the plant, a newly implemented factory information system (FIS) appeared to be not only non-performing but hardly functioning. The system was installed to replace an internally-developed data acquisition system that had exceeded its best before date.

Plant management had grown accustomed to the previous system and its ability to continually monitor production activity. Collected data also provided the detailed metrics needed to guide critical operational decisions such as resource allocation. The data obtained from production equipment also provided considerable transparency on their performance and aided in the analysis of bottlenecks and other production line issues.

The new FIS brought with it the promise of an upgrade in the collection and distribution of real-time data throughout the plant. This is something that more and more plants are seeking to take their data collection to the next level of technology. However the transition to newer technology can be complicated especially if a new range of problems seems to appear.

Central to this assignment was determining why the new system had failed to function properly. A complication was that the old system was completely decommissioned giving users no time to transition to the new technology. With it not functioning as it should, plant staff began to distrust the information it was generating.

DataRealm was called in to analyze the situation and provide a solution to resume the flow of useful and trusted production data throughout the plant.

This type of assignment is not unique. In fact it is almost commonplace in DataRealm's world. Factors for this include the increasing complexity of new technology and overlooked problems with preceding technology. DataRealm, with its depth of expertise in data acquisition, was ready to identify problems and develop effective solutions.

Its engineers found an FIS system actually well-suited to the plant. The challenge became one of ensuring all staff were trained on how to use it. While this may seem rudimentary, often the nuances of a new system can be problematic. Update training is needed to ensure users understand the new system's features and methods.

Lying below the surface, DataRealm found that the new system had actually failed to fully ameliorate logic problems that were resident in the previous system and a data verification issue that needed resolution.

DataRealm started by bringing users up to speed on the use of the new system to regain their trust in its data. At the same time it worked to resolve the underlying logic problems.

Once completed, the client is happy to report that its new FIS system is up and running and performing to specifications.

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