Plant Transparency

In-Plant Visibility

Eliminate production blind spots with uninterrupted visibility of PLCs, HMIs, andons, marquees, etc. Extendable to hand-held devices, PDAs, paging, etc. Wireless PC scanning and web portals can be added.

Part and Lot Traceability

Track parts throughout production adding detailed birth history and who made what and when for issue management. Gain connectivity to PLCs, barcodes, RFID/2D data matrix in real-time. More.

Asset Management

With Digital Warehouse track and monitor stored assets with a system easily adaptable to your processes and your devices, warehouse equipment and IT database(s).

Container Tracking

Know at-a-glance the exact location of every container. Reduce expenses, optimize container resources, increase shipper accountability and maintain overall logistics integrity. Increase reuse, reduce new container needs and effectively manage maintenance and replenishment.

Energy Management

Pull consumption data in real-time from utilities such as electrical, gas, compressed air and water. Pinpoints overuse to provide data for cost-effective energy management.

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