Manufacturing Business Intelligence


Data, collected in real-time, from all plant machines is used to create real-time - as it happens - accurate production reports giving management full enterprise visibility. The resulting operational knowledge database is the foundation for productivity enhancement and continuous improvement.

Manufacturing Business Intelligence (MBI) is a comprehensive solution, not a singular approach, but rather a platform to turn data into the driver of plant productivity.

The process starts by being able to turn all of the operational data in real time from every device and machine into captured information that feeds the development of up-to-the-minute production reports providing every department with the information that is needed to operate and use resources effectively.

The storehouse of gathered operational information becomes the plant's unique intellectual property. It takes management to an unprecedented level of being able to operate their plants with complete visibility and knowledge.

MBI is the missing piece of the manufacturing puzzle, the creation of real-time production information leading to the conversion of this information into competitive advantage.

An example of how critical this information has become is its use in equipment selection. With detailed operational data, management can intelligently base future capital expenditures on a considerable database of operational knowledge allowing them to upgrade in a way that ensures increased productivity by being able to select the best options for their operations.

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