High Level Performance Improvement

Data Acquisition

A range of skills from understanding basic underlying logic to capturing data from various production devices and linking, in real-time, to key operational applications. More.

Controls Engineering

Enhance performance, increase output, reduce takt time and interconnect production floor devices in full networks with real-time status reporting. More.

Manufacturing IT Systems Integration

Link plant floor production to IT systems to send data in real-time to quality, productivity measurement, materials management, ERP Factory Information Systems (FIS) etc. More.

Plant Productivity

Full-plant connectivity solutions connect plant floor devices to ERP, MRP and more. Real-time and historic data can be gathered to analyze downtime, faults, warnings, counts, rejects, equipment states, uptime, blocked, starved, idle, etc. More.


Track and store production data by unit or lot. Continually monitor specifications and standards. Detailed data is collected for measurement, torque, force, leak test, analysis, etc. Instantly detect non-conformance. Quarantine production units on line. Attach reject or quality information to each production unit or lot. More.

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