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About Our Company

An engineering first  approach based on a decade of innovation using plant-level engineering and systems integration skills has allowed DataRealm to execute highly complex and demanding turnkey productivity solutions. DataRealm has strength at every point in the process - design, engineer, integrate, deploy and support - and has built an international reputation for exceeding expectations in demanding projects at some of the world's largest high volume manufacturing plants. It is common for the company’s credentialed engineers to take on and succeed in front leading and challenging assignments and to produce superior results, on time and on budget. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in the restored Post Office building in the historic Walkerville district of Windsor, Ontario the company also has a US subsidiary based in Detroit Michigan.  

A Record of Successful Execution  

Over the years DataRealm has been involved in a wide range of projects in the automotive industry in a variety of North American plants (United States, Canada and Mexico) on detailed projects in specific areas such as powertrain, paint and body and assembly. These projects have ranged from plant-wide PLC upgrades, numerous design-build-program-commissioning projects, Manufacturing Execution Systems (both PLC logic and IT systems) implementation, error proofing, new machines, machine retrofits etc. DataRealm has enjoyed particular success in strengthening and fortifying long-term relationships with both OEMs and machine builders and its involvement in projects at the continent’s major auto production plants, supplier plants and other large volume production centres of leading companies in pharmacutical, food and beverage to name a few.  

Wide Ranging Technical Skills  

DataRealm has considerable design, build, programming, commissioning expertise in all major device platforms and is even working with device manufacturers on leading advanced technology projects that will change how their products help increase customer productivity.
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